Chapter 019 – Rewards

Chapter 19: Rewards

Zhou Jian lightly smiled: “Thank you Miss Qing Yun for your concern. I don’t have other skill but my escape ability is first class. Even if I cannot steal, I can still run off.” Ghost Killer signature skill is the stealth ability. Even the Order masters are unable to detect the stealth.

Light Cloud Fairy bite her lower lip, and said: “Alright. Mr. Dark Sword must be careful. Please don’t force it.”

“Rest assured. I’ll be mindful.”

“Em…Then, regarding the matter of rewards. I’m prepared to pay 5 million yuan to Mr. Dark Sword. I know that this duty is dangerous, but my current liquidity is very little. If Mr. Dark Sword trusts me. After the company’s operation is up and running again, I’ll have to thank you again.”

“Can.” Zhou Jian agreed. Although he seemed composed, his legs were a little shaken. 5 million yuan ah. Although he guessed that with such importance at stake, the reward would certainly be generous. But 5 million. Zhou Jian could not suppress his excitement. This to himself was a great sum of money. If he followed the normal situation, he wouldn’t be able to make this in his lifetime.

Furthermore, in the future there would be some thanks again. Then, he wouldn’t need to worry about anything in this lifetime.

Hearing that Zhou Jian didn’t bargained, Light Cloud Fairy secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She could only come up with this amount. This task could be said as completely fighting tooth and nail. The life of a talented young master was definitely more than 5 million. Before, an international bounty hunter organization straight away put the asking price of 50 million. Not only that, they must use illegal weapons and couldn’t even guarantee that they wouldn’t destroy the safe.

Although the value to save her father’s company was worth far more than 50 million, but Light Cloud Fairy was hard pressed to come out with 50 million. In addition, there’s no certainty that the secret formula wouldn’t be ruined. Hence, Light Cloud Fairy could only reject it.

This Dark Sword requirement was really very low….. Light Cloud Fairy also felt kind of bad about it, but this was her limit.

Zhou Jian said: “We’ll go like this. Give me the person address and the tracking device. I’ll leave tomorrow.”

“Good. I can give the address to Mr. Dark Sword now. That person lived in Mt. Jiudu, Hong Kong. The specific address is….”

“Hong Kong?” Zhou Jian was a little dizzy. Although Pengcheng was just next to Hong Kong, but Hong Kong has a special status in China. It belonged to the Special Administrative Region. Just to go there is already quite troublesome. Moreover, the expenses there are really expensive. “Well…ahem…Recently, I’d been a little tight. Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses?”

If it wasn’t for Zhou Jian’s expression and tone, Light Cloud Fairy would have thought that he was cracking a joke. What background does this guy has? His skill was so good, but unexpectedly couldn’t even pay for travel expenses. “If it’s like this. Then, I’ll give Mr. Dark Sword 10k for operation expenses. This 10k wouldn’t be counted into the 5 million reward.”

“If that the case, then I’m really thankful.” Zhou Jian felt that he really lost face. He wanted to sell Light Cloud Fairy’s crystal hairpin, but he thought about it and felt bad. So, he had to bite the bite and opened his mouth to borrow money. Just one cent baffled the Chinese hero.

“Now, Mr. Dark Sword. Are you in Pengcheng? If we can meet face to face, I can give you the money. And furthermore, the tracking device as well.”

“Em. I’m at Pengcheng.”

“We’ll meet at Li Yuan Hotel.”


Upon leaving Su Feng Chai, Zhou Jian received a message and opened it. Turned out that it was sent by Small White Rabbit Candy. “Dark Sword you big bastard. The 5 million that my Big Sis promised, was obtained by mortgaging the villa. If you cannot bring back the stuff, us two sisters won’t have any place to live. Since you big bastard can steal my Big Sis’s hairpin under my monitoring, also has some little skill. I’m confident that you this big bastard can beat the old turtle to death. Right, that old turtle also have a small turtle, who’s always being lewd against my Big Sis. You must help me teach him. This time please don’t put out the pigeon on Small White Rabbit Candy again. (tl: ffk, break a promise) Small White Rabbit Candy is quite pitiful, have to sleep outside the street. 55555555……..(tl: crying. Because Mandarin for 5 sounded like crying sound.)

After Zhou Jian finished looking at the Small White Rabbit Candy’s message, apart from feeling a little funny, also felt how serious Light Cloud Fairy was when requesting this task to him. She’d mortgaged the villa to raise fund to reward him. His conscience was feeling a bit difficult. No matter what, this task must succeed.

He logged out of the game. Zhou Jian went out and hailed a taxi to go straight to Hotel Li Yuan.

Although Zhou JIan arrived very early, but after he reached there, he found that Light Cloud Fairy was already waiting there. This was not good, each time also let the female wait. But Light Cloud Fairy’s speed was very fast. Usually, wasn’t there a lot of trouble when a girl wanted to go out. (tl: ie, take their time etc)

Today, Light Cloud Fairy was in a business suit, short skirt and silk stocking. Coupled with her shoulder length hair, she’s certainly a beautiful white collared woman.

Zhou Jian couldn’t help but remembered the scene from yesterday. His eyes wanted to look towards Light Cloud Fairy’s chests but he stopped his gaze halfway through. With Light Cloud Fairy keen intuition, she’ll certainly be aware of it.

“Ahem. This is the first time I meet Miss Qing Yun. You’re more beautiful in person than in the game.” Zhou Jian’s mouth was sweet. (tl: speak nice words)But when he said this, his heart was still feeling a little weak.

“Oh. Really the first time?” Chu Qing Yun faintly smiled and extended her own hand. “Chu Qing Yun, manager at Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company .”

“Zhou Jian, just an ordinary man.” Zhou Jian hesitated for a moment before saying his real name. First, this was to demonstrate sincerity. She’d already such an important insider story to himself, and he himself had nothing to hide. And also, if Chu Qing Yun really wanted to check on him was not difficult. After all, his data files were recorded in the Lingnan University school system.

When he gripped the warm jade like hand, Zhou Jian had an unusual feeling. Come to think of it, his last time holding a girl’s hand was when his kindergarten teacher was leading them across the street. Fearing for any accident, the teacher made two columns of children walking side by side. At that time, girl in one and boys in the other. Therefore, Zhou Jian first time holding hand was given to a little girl by his side whose name had been forgotten.

Although he’s reluctant to part with that kind of boneless soft touch, he still immediately parted hand. They sat down to have tea and to start their conversation. Hotel Li Yuan tea’s flavor was very authentic. It’s not less compared to Su Feng Chai.

During meal time, although Chu Qing Yun was curious about Zhou Jian’s status, she didn’t asked anything. But she actually raised about the matter of introducing girls to Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian also gradually adapted to the atmosphere of talking to Chu Qing Yun. He no longer because of yesterday’s spring scene, would said some incoherent words.

After the meal ended, Zhou Jian received a thick enveloped. 10k, the feeling of it inside the card and on hand was completely different. That thick and solid sense felt fantastic.

“I’ll leave for Hong Kong tomorrow. Once I’d succeed, I’ll give the news to Miss.”

“Em. Mr. Zhou Jian please be careful.”

The two left each other with their contacts. This was when Chu Qing Yun lightly asked. “Oh, are you free tonight?”

“Have the time? What’s up?” Zhou Jian thought Chu Qing Yun wanted to treat him again to another meal.

Chu Qing Yun said: “My good friend Susan is also playing 《Gods and demons》. After she knew that I’d completed the new dungeon, she wanted me to introduce you to her. She wanted to challenge the new dungeon as well. Haha, she’d sent a mail to you but you didn’t respond. Hence, she made me to tell this to you. Her account is xxxxxxxx.” Light Cloud Fairy didn’t want to distract Zhou Jian at this point. But, Susan’s father was a senior staff at the bank. Due to her relationship with Susan, she’d received a lot of help. So, this small favor really couldn’t not help.

“Good. I was planning to have a trip to the dungeon again tonight.” Zhou Jian’s strength in reality was directly connected to the online game. Hence, when he’s making money, he also didn’t forget to make use of the time to practice his level.

With a group of well equipped team to accompany to bring along to upgrade, Zhou Jian had already expected his leveling speed later would shot up like a rocket. For the new dungeon, probably everyday in this short time, without him, these strongmen couldn’t pass the dungeon. Only abnormal team like the European dream team would be able to.

To the rich players, the reward of passing the new dungeon was no longer important. What they wanted was the exciting rush when challenging the dungeon. Although they knew that if they waited for over a month later, it would be easier but they couldn’t wait any longer.

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