Chapter 042 – Hotel Vienna

Chapter 42: Hotel  Vienna

He was momentarily in disbelief. The fantasies appeared one by one in his mind, causing many expressions on Zhou Jian’s face. These words, in his opinion, are equivalent to the girl telling him: “I want to sleep with you.”

Be good during winter (tl: no idea what this mean). It’s already said that Western girls are open. But this was too open.

During high school time, when Zhou Jian heard about any girl going out for a one night stand, he would snort contemptuously. But today, once he heard what Linda said, he found that he was shamefully hard. In his mind, he couldn’t help but fantasize about Linda’s wild scene, shaking her hot body. Such a spring scene, the temptation was too deadly.

Before, Zhou Jian used to YY himself with beautiful women’s sex scenes. He even fantasized that in a dark and stormy night, a hungry and thirsty beautiful woman would suddenly jump out, and greedily seized him and threw him onto the ground. And then performed it on the spot, forcefully XXOO.

What should I do? Pretend that I don’t know what she wanted to do, and yield to her with a reluctant appearance?

But he remembered that he was still a virgin. Such a precious first time, to so muddleheadedly lost it in a one night stand was probably a little…..

Linda saw Zhou Jian’s awkward expression and was very depressed. She ill-humoredly said: “Hello, did you ate expired caviar? There’re many rooms in the Hotel Vienna’s luxury suite. Do you think that I must stay together with you?”

So, it’s like this. Zhou Jian sighed. His own fragile virgin’s heart was unable to withstand this stimulation. Although being together with a beauty in the same room was a good thing, but Zhou Jian didn’t want to sleep at night with his helmet. He had to switch his body, and with Linda around, it wouldn’t be convenient. Furthermore, he was a little hungry. his main body still hadn’t had lunch in the hotel room. He needed to withdraw his consciousness from the Ghost Killer avatar to eat. Although if he ate his meal with his helmet, the Ghost Killer avatar wouldn’t vanish, but would lose the ability to act. And with Linda following so closely behind. He naturally didn’t have the means to do so. He said: “Excuse me. I have a habit of sleepwalking. I think it will be safer if I live alone.”

“You…..hum! Little Chinese boy who couldn’t differentiate good from the bad.” Linda was angered till she stamped her foot. But she immediately looked at Zhou Jian with a strange gaze. “Are you gay?”

“F**k. Your father is gay!” Zhou Jian cursed back immediately. But once the words left, he regretted doing so. He cursed at others and even dragged her parent into it, which was not sincere.

But, Zhou Jian didn’t think Linda would roll her eyes. She said something that hit him like lightning, turning him crisp on the outside and tender on the inside: “I wished he was gay!”

Zhou Jian looked at Linda like he was watching a Martian. Are gay men popular in the US? She didn’t need to curse her own father, right? Or, did he remembered the meaning of the word incorrectly? Zhou Jian blinked for a long time before he coughed and asked: “What’s the meaning of …….gay in English?”

Linda let out a hum. She didn’t even want to bother with Zhou Jian. She took off her sunglasses and stretched out her arm. And in a sweet crisp voice, called out: “Taxi~~~”


It’s only after he’d been to the hotel that Zhou Jian understood what was luxury. This luxury suite was named the Blue Diamond Palace, located on the top floor of Hotel Vienna. The suite area was 560 meters squared. Furthermore, outside was an exclusive rooftop swimming pool. Let alone two, if opened up to a party in the suite, there’s still more than enough space to spare.

From the first floor, there’s an exclusive elevator to go directly to the Blue Diamond Palace. In the carefully designed room layout, there’s a romantic rotating round bed. A three meter in diameter large floor type bathtub. A well-equipped gym and office room. Even inside the suite, there’s a beautiful maid….

This maid had on a very sexy outfit. Zhou Jian had to doubt what was exactly her service content…..”

Linda still came along. Although she’d not staying here, but Zhou Jian couldn’t reject her from playing around.

When the maid saw Linda and Zhou Jian coming in, she slightly bent her knees and at the same time with both her hands, lifted the sides of her skirt. Like a standard greeting when meeting the medieval British aristocrats.

“How are you, mister. I’m the full-time maid of the Blue Diamond Palace. If you have any needs, feel free to tell me. Of course, if you don’t want me to disturb your private life, I can go out and wait.”

The private life that the maid mentioned was naturally indicating about Zhou Jian and Linda’s life. This made Zhou Jian unsure whether he wanted to laugh or cry. Although with today’s technology, in a luxurious residential, to put the bath water, to bake the bread, to clean the dust could all be done with the intelligent system. But there’s a lot of people with some status who liked to have this done by the person as doing so would give them a superior feeling.

Zhou Jian naturally didn’t need any maid. So, he let the maid to withdrew back. After that, he lied on top of the circle bed. Ah, these rich men could really enjoy.

But Linda had an enormous interest in those fitness equipment. “Hey, Chinese hero. Can you be my master, okay? Teach me some Chinese kung fu.”

Since she experienced Zhou Jian’s skill, she’s eyeing on Zhou Jian’s “Chinese kung fu”. Linda’s a martial art enthusiast. She’s extremely keen on the martial arts and had begun learning combat skills since she was ten. Now, her leg effort was barely sufficient to show, at least enough to copy with sexual harasser without issue.

Zhou Jian’s “kung fu” had no way to be taught. So, he sprouted out some nonsense: “Our Chinese martial arts needed to pay attention to the bone. Your bone is very general. Even if I want to teach you, you also can’t learn it.”

“Bone? Are you saying genius (talent)? (tl: it’s a wordplay) You actually said that my talent is not good?” Linda pouted and refused to accept it. “The coaches that I invited all said that I was a rare martial arts genius!”

“Do they have the vision to see? I’m using an expert evaluation to appraise.” Zhou Jian continued to make up wild stories.

“You didn’t try, how would you know?” Linda discontentedly said.

“I want to go swimming.” Zhou Jian found an excuse and directly head to the rooftop swimming pool.

Linda followed like a sticky candy. She’s not like those Chinese girls, who because must show to act with restraint, would be more subtle. (tl: this is bs) She would throw everything to the wind and fight for what she wanted.

“Hey, at least you must teach me some to try me out.”

Zhou Jian pulled out a swimming trunk from the wardrobe next to the pool. Certainly, to use the hotel’s swimming trunk would need to pay money. But, Zhou Jian couldn’t even register this bill in this mind. “Hey. I want to change my swimming trunk.”

Linda angrily went down the stairs. After five minutes, she came up again and saw Zhou Jian’s clumsy strokes. She couldn’t help but chuckle. “So, you can’t swim.”

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