Chapter 047 – Fight

Chapter 47: Fight

“If that’s the case, then he’s just a straw bag?” (tl: idiot)

“Perhaps he could deal with ordinary people, but against a master, it would be one shot killed.”

“As expected. Regardless of the past or present, Chinamen are just a strong but servile nationality. To be able to occupy such fertile lands, but actually raised a group of cowards.”

“Hey. Chinese boy. Are you afraid? Look at those three arrogant Japanese clowns. They’re despising you. This simply couldn’t be tolerated.” Linda talked endlessly. Usually, she would spoke in Chinese with Zhou Jian. But this time, to let those few Japanese to understand her, she used English. Moreover, she intentionally said it clearly and slowly, but regrettably, those three Japanese were just like wooden blocks, unawared of what’s Linda’s calling them. This made Linda very depressed. Why was she unable to speak Japanese.

At this time, a bunch of people walked into the testing room, lead by Andy. Since the enemy had impressively come to the main gate, Andy directly ended his meeting session and rushed over.

At Andy’s side was a 1.7 meters tall black. Among the group of Caucasians, 1.7 meters appeared to be somewhat short. Furthermore, his body muscle wasn’t exaggerated. But didn’t know why, he actually gave people some very dangerous feeling. Like a South American jaguar preparing to ambush.

This 1.7 meters black is Jackson. He’s from the US underground boxing. There’s no need to mentione of the amount of victories since there’s already more than ten boxers who died under him.

Andy was wearing a black coat today, and a black sunglasses. He’d the Mafia’s big brother style. He came in with this bunch of people into the testing area and lined them up, just to overwhelmed the three Japanese momenta.

“My friends from Yamaguchi-gumi. I think before you come, you should let us know first. So, that we can sufficiently prepare to receive you, isn’t it?” Andy unexpectedly prepared a Japanese translator. So, the communication was finally not a problem.

Ueno Ju laughed. “We come to Las Vegas to travel. We just come to see the Bounty Hunter Association on a whim.” Ueno Ju said and unintentionally shot a look at Jackson who’s by Andy’s side. He knew this person. The Yamaguchi-gumi had his information.

Andy smiled. “We Americans like to be straight to the point. Our friends from the Yamaguchi-gumi don’t need to beat around the bush. I know your intention in coming here. Since you wanted to compare. Then, we will compare with you. How about we make a bet?”

“Bet on what?” Ueno Ju had some interest.

“Then we will bet on the attack test. Whoever who get the highest is the winner. If you lost, I hope that I won’t see anyone from the Yamaguchi-gumi in Las Vegas again.”

Ueno Ju hesitated. He looked towards Matsumoto and whispered: “Do you have the confidence to win? That black man should be Benjamin Jackson.”

Matsumoto wasn’t the top master of Yamaguchi-gumi. Of course, Jackson also wasn’t the top master of the Bounty Hunter Association. In fact, the several legendary S ranked bounty hunters rarely showed up in the Bounty Hunter Association. In the end, few had seen them, let alone knew their names.

Matsumoto didn’t immediately answered, but carefully observed his opponent, Jackson. After pondering for a moment, he said: “Shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Good.” Ueno Ju turned towards Andy and said: “We’ll bet. If you lose, I hope that I can see the report of today’s competition in the Las Vegas’ newspaper tomorrow. The title will be decided by me. I know that the Las Vegas’ most influential newspaper was controlled by you. So, this request isn’t excessive.”

“Ok.” Andy didn’t say much, and just agreed with one word. Later, he turned to the Caucasian behind him and said: “Mr. William. I’ll have to depend on you.”

Ueno Ju’s heart was suddenly chilled. It’s unexpectedly not Jackson. This sly fellow.

“That guy named William. There’s no information about him. He should be an US Mafia people.”

Each country’s Mafia data was difficult to come by. But for bounty hunters, it’s different. Their data are completely public because the employers would like to see.

That’s why Ueno Ju didn’t have any information on Williams. Of course, Andy also didn’t have any information on Matsumoto. So, this was a complete gamble, with both sides knowing nothing about each other’s strength.

Matsumoto said: “Young master, be rest assured. There’re very few S ranked bounty hunters, and they are residing all over the world. Although they are registered as the Bounty Hunter Association’s bounty hunters, but the association couldn’t send them out just like that. It’s impossible for them to come rushing over such trivial matters. As long as this William’s strength is not at the S rank level, or not a remarkable talent or evolved human, I still have the confidence to win.”

Those with remarkable talent or evolved form appeared after the catastrophe of last century. This type of people represented large powers and are hiding in the deepest depths of the world. All of them are mysterious and powerful figures. Even a master like Matsumoto would had difficulty to cross path with them.

“Good, being able to keep the glory of Japanese martial arts will need to depend on you this time. Add oil, Matsumoto.” (tl: Chinese said add oil to give encouragement, just like Korean said fighting etc)

“Yes, Young Master.”

William vs Matsumoto. The fighting strength of these two people was unknown. Just that they were both the representatives of the US Mafia and the Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi, two world class upper strength. The Nishikawa that was shining radiantly before was just a disciple of Matsumoto. And the famous underground boxer, Jackson, was however, just William’s younger brother. (tl: as in brotherhood)

A showdown between two masters. The original noisy atmosphere instantly became very quiet.

William was the host. He arrived first before the testing machine, and began to charge his strength. After all, this competition didn’t concerned just the US Mafia’s interest, but also represented the glory of the US. Therefore, he didn’t dared to be careless.

The audiences were holding their breath. They were looking forward towards this mysterious William to create a miracle.

A full silence for one minute. William suddenly shouted and jumped up in the air. A heavy flying kick towards the target only to hear a loud bang “BAM”. The whole testing machine was shaking a little. The electronic screen fluctuated violently, the digital screen soared up to 300 and didn’t even stopped.

The crowd was very excited. This is a master, truly the hero of the States.

The figure finally stabilized at 589. This result made the audience boiling with excitement. Most on the scene were Americans. Previously, they were unhappy with the Japanese efforts to awe them.

Linda was already covering her mouth, and exclaimed, “Oh my God. 589!” She’d personally experimented with the testing machine herself. The target was hard like a cast iron. When she kicked, it was motionless without any sound. But that William could actually make the whole testing machine shook.

Ueno Ju saw this and frowned. His heart wasn’t that confident. “Matsumoto. I’ll depend on you.”

Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath. He handed over his katana towards his disciple, Nishikawa. He then took off his belt, and then his samurai clothing. The samurai clothing was too large. It’s not suitable to show off the power.

“Don’t need to push yourself, Japanese guy.”

“Japanese guy. How come you’re wearing your country’s large bathrobe?”

“Japanese guy. Careful that there’s banana peel under your foot!”

“Wa, guests from Japanese, the mustache on your mouth is very sexy. It’s exactly the same like my family’s husky.”

The various American bounty hunters in the crowd were creating a disturbance to disturb. Furthermore, the way that they disturbed was very different from the Chinese. They had their own Western style of humor.

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