Chapter 048 – Japanese Martial Arts

Chapter 48: Japanese Martial Arts

Matsumoto didn’t understand English. But even if he understood, he also wouldn’t be affected by it. As the master of Japanese martial spirit. Matsumoto must be able to control his own state of mind.

Matsumoto was wearing clogs and appeared in front of the testing machine. He put out his hands and adjusted his breath. He entered an ethereal state of mind, unaware of the hustle and bustle around him.

Had to admit, although the Japanese martial arts come from China, but there were some parts worthy of commendation. The spacious Japanese samurai clothing, matching with the eight notes flute sound from Buddhism musical instrument. The combination of the Zen and the spirit produced a tranquility without any ripple in the mental state.

The Japanese warrior who could enter this kind of state was definitely a formidable opponent. There’s no life and death in his eyes. No fear. Only the warrior spirit. That’s the type of the ultimate samurai.

Matsumoto was silent. Without crying out or jumping, he suddenly opened his eyes. His left leg stepped out, and he mercilessly threw out a fierce punch.

The people could only see a flash of white light, and then “Pa!” A crisp sound. The wooden birch clogs that’re known for its hardness actually broke under Matsumoto’s feet.

Of course, among the crowd there, aside from the two samurais, no one else knew the particulars about these clogs. But the electronic screen crazy fluctuations could tell them how much strength was in this punch.

The final figure was 612!

After looking at this number, the audience was shocked to silence. Even Andy who’s used to such a scene was shocked. Others might not know about William’s details, but he was very clear of it. William’s weakness was his speed, but he’s good in strength. Except for those S ranked bounty hunters that weren’t sent out by the Bounty Hunter Association, almost nobody could compete with his strength. He didn’t expect to unexpectedly fell at the hands of this group of Japanese.

He was already thinking of the humiliation when this thing will be published in the Las Vegas newspaper tomorrow. He felt a burst of headache. He was able to imagine how angry the people in Las Vegas would be tomorrow, and how those prostitutes and gamblers who came from around the world would laugh at the incompetence of the American Mafia. It’s just that he couldn’t lose the trust by reneging on this bet. Otherwise, the situation would be even worse.

Matsumoto took a deep breath, and expressionlessly stepped down. Ueno Ju was roaring with laughter: “I hope that I can see this report in the Las Vegas newspaper tomorrow. I’d already think of a good topic for it. called ‘Japanese Martial Arts. First in the World!'”

“The world No. 1 dog shit!”

An unexpected voice was particularly loud and clear in the silent hall. Although Ueno Ju’s English wasn’t good. But how could he not understand when the opposite party was saying “shit” this word.

Ueno Ju was angered. In his opinion, those who insulted the Japanese martial arts was just like insulting his mother. He sullenly stared at Linda who spoke out. “Woman, if it wasn’t because of the Bounty Hunter Association today, you would have become a corpse. Translate to her!”

The translator was also shocked by Ueno Ju and honestly translated it to Linda.

Had to say, this act of intimidation by Ueno Ju was useless. Linda was simply fearless. After hearing what the translator said, this fellow was not only unafraid, but didn’t hesitate to show her finger, and impressively, it’s her middle finger. What the middle finger represented was understandable across the world, and it happened that Linda feared that Ueno Ju might not understand it. So, she followed with an explanation: “Fuck you!”

“Good! Really good.” Ueno Ju pulled out his katana. “I challenged you! The winner live. The loser die!”

“Young Master. Calmed down!” Matsumoto hurriedly said. For this US visit, the higher ups had repeatedly ordered not to cause any trouble.

Although Linda like to boast, but she was aware of her own strength. Though she didn’t know what level this Ueno Ju was at but based on his two men, if she wanted to challenge the master, he could easily pack her up instead. So, she loudly said: “This missy here disdained to fight with you at your level. I can send my subordinate forward, and will still have more to spare!” Linda said this, and without any politeness, pushed Zhou Jian.

“F**k!” Zhou Jian was pushed forward a step. He felt very uncomfortable. He was too confused and had become other’s proxy to face the gun.

Linda knew she was wrong. In a low voice, she said to Zhou Jian: “Chinese boy, you won’t not help to save me, right. If you can win against them, I will serve you well tonight. You can get me to do anything you want, oh.”

Linda said this prettily in her sultry voice. Zhou Jian’s heart was shocked. This Western girl was really a demon.

“Quickly go up. Take it that I’m begging you.” Linda also didn’t know who she learned to act in the Chinese coquettish style from. As she talked, she pushed Zhou Jian on the side with her body. Her breasts, which were visually about at least D cup, were so soft on top of Zhou Jian’s back. This trick was too ruthless. Zhou Jian’s leg was a little soft and was then pushed to take a large step.

This your younger sister. (tl: no better equivalent word in English. So, I just went literally) Zhou Jian was speechless. The other side had made 612. He didn’t know if his Ghost Killer could even act out to such a high number.  If he acted, and it couldn’t come out. Then, he would lose in a big way. This was related to the honor of China’s face. This Linda was simply harming others. No wonder the ancient said that the beauty was the source of disaster. (tl: for Troy!)

Zhou Jian wore back all the equipment that he’d took off. The Fallen Blood, the Will-o-Wisp ring, and the few blue sets that he recently acquired when rushing the new dungeon. He changed the equipment today to make his strength go as high as possible. Today’s competition was related to the Chinese ancient Wu honor. Once he was forced to show his hand, he absolutely couldn’t lose.

Andy also wished that Zhou Jian could come out and showed some skill. After all, Zhou Jian could now barely be counted as a member of the Bounty Hunter Association. Although his reasoning was telling him that despite Zhou Jian’s origin from the Chinese ancient Wu family, it’s impossible for him to get more than 400 due to his age. But, he somehow had some hope, to say the least. Even if Zhou Jian lost, at least there’s a companion in misery in the newspaper. Tomorrow, there would be a title that China lost together with the US. With these two sharing the public’s fire, at least it wouldn’t be that ugly. Therefore, he said: “Mr. Zhou. I heard that the Chinese ancient Wu was very powerful. Please take this opportunity to cast it out.”

Although Zhou Jian didn’t know what Andy was thinking in his heart, but he could also listen to the underlying tone in the flattery. F**k. I didn’t offend you.

When Matsumoto saw Zhou Jian stepped up to the stage, he immediately moved forward one step to keep Ueno Ju behind him. Although he saw that thi Zhou Jian’s strength wasn’t much, but he feared that his young master might have an accident. He said: “We’re visiting our American gang brother this time from Japan for the sake of friendship, and to compare notes to progress in the martial. But in a fight, the sword had no eyes. Our young master just now was just saying a few breath. If this friend from China wanted to challenge, you’re welcome to test it in front of the machine.”

The translators hadn’t finished translating, Ueno Ju coldly hummed. “Matsumoto, why are you so polite to the Chinaman. Our Asian honor was already lost by them!”

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