Chapter 070 – A Mission That’s Beset with Difficulties

Chapter 70: A Mission That’s Beset With Difficulties

“This is the first time I had come to the Amazon. I’m not familiar with the jungle and I wanted to look for a guide. Please guide me to enter the Amazon and once I found the Anaconda variant, you don’t need to do about anything later, I’ll handle the rest. I’ll pay you $500,000.”

Zhou Jian’s understanding of the Amazon forest was nearly 0. He would be more assured if there’s a jungle hunter to guide him along. And more importantly, he would save time. Saving a person’s life was like firefighting. This time, he came to the Amazon not only for the US$1 million reward payment, but because he wanted to rescue Wen Ren Hui Yin’s aunt. Wen Ren Hui Yin was his very important friend.

It didn’t occur to anybody that when the bounty hunter heard Zhou Jian’s words, he began laughing and said: “I encountered another daydreaming fool again. Is the $1 million reward really so good? Do you think that the most difficult task is to kill the anaconda variant? Idiot! Although the anaconda variant is ferocious, but it couldn’t withstand against a rocket launcher.” The most difficult part of this task was to find the anaconda variant. The anaconda variant was located deep in the depths of the Amazon jungle, at least eight hundred miles away, and this distance was enough to make 90 jungle hunters died on the road! It’s basically a dream to want to kill the anaconda variant. No fool will be willing to take the job unless you have an armed helicopter, then there might be a little hope.”

The bounty hunter was extremely arrogant, but Zhou Jian did not lose his temper. This gang of outlaws would not give any face to anyone. He did not want to cause any trouble. He didn’t expect that this mission would be so tricky and must travel eight hundred miles deep into the Amazon forest…

Although he had the Stealth skill, and did not need to worry about any dangers encountered along the way, but this was eight hundred miles ah. Even if the Ghost Killer’s speed was very fast, but he still had to keep on going for many days and he also didn’t know how long he would need to take to find it. He couldn’t afford to waste this time.

The bounty hunter finished tidying up his boots and no longer paid any attention to Zhou Jian. He sneered and then stood up to leave.

Zhou Jian bitterly shook his head. He returned to the front desk to continue his check in procedure. At this time, the reception timidly asked: “Sir, are you looking for the Anaconda variant?”

Zhou Jian had on a friendly smile. “Yes, Miss. Do you have any suggestions?” Zhou Jian took out a hundred dollar bank note and place it on the front desk. This time, he could only bring out $10,000 in cash, which he had exchanged in Hong Kong Island Citibank. The bank was unlike the other domestic banks, it didn’t have any limits when exchanging for dollars. But, there’s a limit when taking a ride on the airplane abroad and he couldn’t carry over $10,000.

The receptionist’s eyes brightened when she saw the dollar note, she wanted to accept it but she didn’t dare to stretch out her hand. She was truly frightened by the abnormal jungle hunter just now.

Zhou Jian pushed forward the dollar note. “Your tips.”

“Thank you.” The receptionist quickly accepted the dollar note. In her eyes, Zhou Jian had become significantly more charming and admirable. So young and already so rich. The young man in front of her was either someone with incomparable skills or a son of a wealthy family. Regardless of which type, he’s the ideal candidate for a lover.

The receptionist said: “Every day, the jungle Hunter Association had a small passenger plane taking off from the Norris airport. It would fly around the Amazon forest and return back to the Norris airport. Sir, you can choose to parachute in mid-course like all the rich jungle hunters usually do. This can save a lot of time. The airplane ticket costs 2300 Reals, which is probably $1500.”

Zhou Jian’s heart was stirred. So, it could be like this. But in this case, going in would be easy, walking out would probably depend all on himself. After the catastrophe, as a result of the havoc by the plant variants, the area of the Amazon forest had expanded about double compared to the original.

The receptionist also said: “The parachute bag will be provided by the Jungle Hunter Association. If you wanted to provide the parachute¬† yourself, you can save 600 Reals. There is also a 300 Reals training fee for skydiving. Actually, parachuting isn’t that difficult and it’s very easy to learn. If you trust me, I’ll help you contact the coach.”

Zhou Jian nodded with a smile. “Then, I will really have to thank you. Is there any way to come back?”

“Yes, there is. You can rent a helicopter gunship from the Jungle Hunter Association. If you want to come back, you can just transmit a signal so that they will pick you up but the price is very expensive. It’s 30 Reals per mile. You can use US dollars but the payment will also be the same. The upper limit for sending and picking up is 700 miles. But let alone 700 miles, it’s also very difficult to find an anaconda variant in the eight hundred miles range. If you wanted to find, it’s best to find it 1000 miles deep in the Amazon forest but that place is very dangerous. Sir, do you really want to go there?”

“Yes, ha ha. If there are any essential items needed when going into the Brazilian jungle, can you help me buy as well? I don’t have any experience on this, so I don’t know what I should buy. Use this money to buy them. If it is insufficient, then come to talk with me again.” Zhou Jian said this and took out a stack of dollar bills. He was not afraid that this receptionist would cheat him for she was still coming here to work. Unless, she stopped working for the sake of this small amount of money.

“Sir, please be assured. I’ll handle it well.” The receptionist joyfully received the dollar notes. She had hit the jackpot today. Usually, the jungle hunters that came here were all old birds, no one would ask her to help.

“Please, as soon as possible. My time is very tight. In addition, based on the standard room that I’m looking at just now, please help me open one for 15 days.”

“15 days?” The receptionist was a little surprised. Generally, the jungle hunters would only stay in the hotel for 2-3 days because once they left the jungle, they would take a short break at the hotel. Currently, this young man said that he wanted to stay for half a month. After he returned from the jungle, he didn’t want to return to the house and wanted to keep the vacant room so that he could stay again?

The rich really were different. This receptionist secretly sighed with emotion. She quickly handled the check-in procedure. “The standard room cost $300 per night. 15 days altogether would cost $4500. I would suggest that you apply for a membership card. There’s a $50 membership fee but you can enjoy a 10% discount.”

“Okay.” The housing price in Norris was very expensive, but it wasn’t too outrageous. Zhou Jian opened the room for 15 days because in this 15 days, his real body had to stay in the room and he would enter the jungle with his Ghost Killer avatar.

Zhou Jian took out the VIP card from the underground bank and used it to pay for his accommodation. Originally, the receptionist didn’t pay any attention to it and was passing the bill slip when she saw the card in Zhou Jian’s hand. Her pupils suddenly enlarged three times.

It turned out to be the US Bounty Hunters Bank diamond VIP card. With this card, he could overdraft $1 million from the Bounty Hunter Bank. In addition, this card provided a 20% discount on all purchases in the Bounty Hunter industries as well as priorities. And the hotel that she served right now was one of the industries belonging to the US BH Corporation. This was not a coincidence. Globally, there were five big Bounty Hunter companies. The hotels in Norris were almost all belonged to the bounty Hunter companies, especially the US BH Corporation and the Brazilian FBH Corporation who had the largest shares. After all, the nests of these two companies were the nearest.

The receptionist knew about this card, but this was the first time she saw this after working here for less than half a year in the hotel. In her opinion, a bounty hunter who could take out a gold card was already very good. It was said that to get a diamond cut would require $5 million to open an account and this deposit had to be kept for six months. Just what kind of identity did this young man in front of her had? Her vision of Zhou Jian grew again, from admiration into fiery hot.

Back then, Zhou Jian had $5.59 million when he opened his bank account. Although he had not kept it for six months, but his 28 diamonds actually gave the Bounty Hunter Association a net income of at least $1.39 million. In addition, Zhou Jian was suspected to be the successor of an ancient Wu aristocratic family. Andy then bestowed the VIP diamond card of the Bounty Hunter Association. For this exact reason, Linda was also very excited and clamored to go and live in the Hotel Vienna together with Zhou Jian.

The receptionist softly said: “Sir, this is the US BH bank diamond VIP card. You can enjoy a 20% discount in all the BH Corporation industries. Our hotel is also part of the US BH Corporation. You don’t need to apply for membership. Furthermore, you can enjoy the 20% discount. Now to stay 15 days in the standard room is just US$3600.”

Zhou Jian was slightly startled. After the receptionist reminded him, he remembered that Andy has spoken of similar words when he gave him this card. But because he wasn’t living in the US for long, he didn’t care much about it. He didn’t expect that there was such a use for it today.

Zhou Jian’s mood was very good since he picked up a bargain. “Then, that’s really good.”

The receptionist gaze after Zhou Jian when he was leaving and prettily said: “Sir if you also want to understand the matters relating to the Brazilian jungle, I can service you throughout the whole journey oh!”

This Brazilian beauty was saying so while throwing out big ogling eyes. How could Zhou Jian not listened to the implication behind it. His heart couldn’t help but felt restless. This foreign beautiful woman was really open.

Zhou Jian was a pure virgin from the inside to out. He had not tried kissing or even hugging yet. He had only shook his hand with Chu Qing Yun and Linda – if this was still considered holding hands.

He could now be considered as having some assets. Was this the time he started looking for a girlfriend?


Huadu Jinghai Road No. 56 Villa —

“I know. Thank you second younger brother.” A middle-aged man of middle stature put down the phone. He slowly walked towards the window and looked at Jinghai’s tranquil dim light under the night sky. It revealed a distressed look which couldn’t be concealed.

“Father, what did uncle said?” A handsome man of under 30 years old carried a cup of Guan Yin tea into the room. He retained his composure and put the cup on the table, before slowly going to the back of the middle-aged men.

This young man was Wen Ren Ze, and the middle age man in front of him was his father – Wen Ren Buo Da.

Wen Ren Buo Da opened the window, his hand unsteadily drew out a cigarette. Wen Ren Ze quickly lit it up. “Your uncle managed to look for a soldier in the Lingnan special forces, named Lin Dong. He promised to go to Brazil and take a look if he can get the gallbladder…… your uncle told me not to put too much hope in Lin Dong. His confidence is not big.”

Wen Ren Buo Da took out a second cigarette and handed it to Wen Ren Ze. Wen Ren Ze lit it up and deeply inhaled a mouthful. “Father, can’t the police force spare few people?”

Before this, Wen Ren Ze had through his connections in the National Security Bureau found a master called Sun Ji Wei. But this Sun Ji Wei also didn’t have the confidence. This trip to Brazil was really tough. Wen Ren Ze wanted to place his hope onto more people. So, he hoped that his father could get the police forces to deploy several people.

Wen Ren Buo Da shook his head. “The people of the police force was lacking in skills compared to the special forces. Furthermore, those are the elite guards and they can only receive a dispatch from the State Council and the Central Military Commission. I’m just a deputy director of a Provincial Public Security Bureau.¬† I cannot move these people. And for those provincial police force, they’re basically used to help in the case of flooding or fire. If they go there, it’s also useless.”

Wen Ren Buo Da seeking a treatment for his wife illness was a private affair and it’s impossible for him to easily call the special forces and police force. If it’s just a common minor matter where it’s acted for personal interest under the guise of public interest, then there wouldn’t be much gossip. But this was going to the Brazilian jungle. A Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director could be a mover and shaker in the Guangdong province but in Brazil, he didn’t have any say at all in the war-torn country. Furthermore, they needed to fight tooth and nail in the Brazilian jungle. Even if he could deploy the special forces. If a team went in, but only half the team came out, who could bear this responsibility?

So, Sun Ji Wei and Lin Dong both went to Brazil through personal relationship and under the name of helping a friend. Even so, Wen Ren Buo Da was full of trepidation. After all, entering the Brazilian jungle was very dangerous. If there were casualties, then it wouldn’t be good. Wen Ren Buo Da wife’s life was a life. Then, the life of a soldier wasn’t a life? Not to mention of the military and security training of these elite soldiers.

Wen Ren Ze though for a while and then asked. “Father, can the police spare a helicopter? According to my knowledge, there weren’t many flying predator variants in the Brazilian jungle. Furthermore, they wouldn’t dare to attack an aircraft.”

It was dangerous for an individual to enter the Amazon forest. But if there was a helicopter to support, then it would be safer. As long as the Anaconda variant could be discovered, then using the firepower of the armed helicopter, the anaconda would surely fall.

Wen Ren Buo Da shook his head. “Unlike the US FBI, our national police had only less than 100 helicopters and most were basically in the Central Committee and Hong Kong island. I don’t have the right to move them. As for your uncle, he’s only a division commander and can’t even reach towards those major generals. Although with the Old Man’s connections, we could get an armed helicopter but…. even with the nation’s most advanced military helicopter Z-12, the maximum range was only about 2000 km. How do you want to fly it to Brazil? Even if you could fly it to Brazil, the operating hours was only about 5 hours. Can you find the Anaconda variant in 5 hours? This thing couldn’t be monitored by the radar.”

Because of the catastrophe from the mid-21st century, the current human civilization didn’t progress much compared to the early 21st century. If there’s war, one must depend on the aircraft carrier. Without the mobile base of the carrier to provide supply, the fighter jets, and helicopter gunships were just like goshawk plume feathers, basically couldn’t fly far at all.

Wen Ren Ze deeply inhaled and snuffed out the cigarette butt. “Father, rest assure. There’s still two more months. I’m certain I can find the Anaconda variant’s gallbladder to cure mother.”

Wen Ren Buo Da sighed. “Life and death, riches and honors all depended on the will of heaven. Your mother was already satisfied that she can see you grow up like this. I know that because of the matter regarding Qian Qian, you blamed the family, blamed your grandfather. The Chinese had a saying that to be rich for three generations, but the Wen Ren family was able to be prosperous for 150 years and was able to reach the scale it was today due to the harsh and unreasonable family laws….”

“Father. Don’t say anymore. I understand…..”

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