Chapter 107 – Borrow to copy

Chapter 107: Borrow to copy

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  A Catia2 3D processing software claimed that a space shuttle would be able to be created just by basing on the designs there. Naturally, a non-professional like Zhou Jian couldn’t understand it. Of course, it dId not matter if Zhou Jian couldn’t understand. All he has to do is just to pack the stuff away.

  In addition to the design drawings, there is also a document that Zhou Jian couldn’t make out the file type. The file name is “New HY80 (1200MPa). Special steel processing principle.”

  Zhou Jian’s heart suddenly jumped when he saw the file name. My goodness. 1200MPa!

  Although Zhou Jian’s a liberal arts student, but his science and engineering knowledge is very good. It was his childhood dream to become an admiral and then drove an aircraft carrier to quell Hokkaido. Of course, if he had the chance, he could incidentally engage with Russia, the United States, and others.

  As he grew up, he slowly began to realize that this dream was not only impractical, but a bit naive. There was a saying …… learn from the foreigners in order to gain command of them.

  Japanese, Americans, Europeans. They all have something that’s worth for China to learn from. Instead of basking in YY dreams, it’s better to cheer ourselves up. It starts from oneself, improves the quality of the people and makes vigorous effort to catch up.

  Of course, there so many places in present day China that made Zhou Jian angry. This was something he’s incapable of changing. But in any case, the blood of the Chinese nation flow within his body.

  Although he no longer a dreamed of driving an aircraft carrier to quell Hokkaido, but Zhou Jian’s interest in the military was not reduced. He knew a lot about the aircraft carrier. The so-called new HY80 (1200MPa) special steel process. It is the production of the aircraft carrier deck material.

  Many alleged that the aircraft carrier is just a slightly larger and slightly stronger boat. It wasn’t that China couldn’t make one, but taking into account military spending and that it is now at peace, there’s no need to make one.

  In fact, the Chinese government is not short of money, A light aircraft carrier production cost only 10USD (tl: there’s mistake in raw here 10美元 = 10USD), while the production cost of a giant aircraft carrier is only $5 billion. As for maintenance cost, even a small country like Thailand was able to support it, let alone China? As for Chinese military fans, they were slighted that Thailand was able to support a light aircraft carrier. They said that China with its strength and isn’t able to support was something hard to convince the public with. For such a small amount of money, it could be replaced as long as those states official had fewer banquets and functions.

  China couldn’t make aircraft carriers was due to technical reasons. The first is that the steel material must be able to withstand the huge impact of aircraft taking off and landing. So, it requires a very high yield strength.

  The yield strength is the strength limit that the part can withstand. Anything beyond this strength will cause permanent deformation and there’s no way restore. The unit for this is MPa (MPa).

  For countries like Russia and the United States, their special steel yield strength reaches over 1000MPa or more while China only passed over 400 a few years ago. For the special steel with a yield strength of 1000MPa or more, Russia and the United States will not export out. Even if they will export, it will absolutely not be exported to China. Even if China wanted to build aircraft carriers, it didn’t have the material.

  At this time, the material on the computer, this new HY80 has a yield strength that reaches 1200MPa. Once the material reaches over 1000MPa, each little improvement was faced with enormous technical difficulties because there’s only so few metal elements. Just by adjusting the type of metals and the ratio and technological process, how much of a terror a 1200MPa special steel is can be imagined.

  This is just a document but its value is immeasurable!

  But Zhou Jian isn’t content. China had always practiced borrowism (tl: my own term). It didn’t matter whether others got it, or he himself got it, it all belonged to borrowism. In a nutshell, better to take then to leave it behind.

  There are several sub-folder in the aircraft carrier folder. When opened, there are several aircraft carriers associated technologies like the aircraft radar technology, aircraft takeoff catapult, the aircraft carrier deck special coatings and so on. Without exception, all these things are unknown technology in China. Because China’s own NC production tools didn’t pass QC, the aircraft takeoff catapult was difficult to be made. As for the special coatings on the deck, China did not even have related research in this area.

  Zhou Jian didn’t look. He took the whole laptop and put it into his Inventory. The non-game item would only fall when he went offline. So, Zhou Jian only needed to leave through the front door.

  Next, he also has some intention on the main computer. Since Uncle Sam’s personal computer has already so much incredible things, the main computer may have even more surprises waiting for him. (tl: literally stealing everything)

  At this time, on the main computer’s screen is a folder named Sam Roosevelt. He then opened a subfolder called “M0698 ballistic missile” and opened it again. Inside,  there are four or five Catia designs.

  There’s nothing more to say. Take!

  Zhou Jian took the USB drive from his Inventory. He unplugged the USB cover with his teeth, This type of new USB drive had not only large capacity but also fast transfer rate. Copying a few fundamental design would not take much effort.

  As for what is inside these drawings, Zhou Jian did not bother to read because he didn’t understand them at all. Just copy all. He just selected all, packaged and right-click to send to the USB drive. At this time, Zhou Jian was exactly like when he’s copying AV from Xiao Yin’s computer.

  Zhou Jian’s computer skill is only at the level of reinstalling the system, searching for Japanese *ahem* films, and a beginner at using VB programming language, creating some commands that full of loopholes.

  If the military laboratory big shots knew this super spy sent was stealing their state secrets by right-clicking to move them to the USB drive, one didn’t know if they would bang their head to kill themselves.

  A minute later, the missile design was fully copied.

  Zhou Jian rubbed his hands and turned to the next target. “Night-type Jaguar armed helicopter.”

  There is a saying. What’s lacking will come. The Chinese armed helicopters are still at the level 12. As for its forest operations and night fighting abilities, it really made those Chinese military enthusiasts want to beat their chest and stamped their feet.

  Zhou Jian is like a locust. He did not bother to look at the file name and directly dragged Sam Roosevelt entire folder on the main computer to the USB drive. Little darling, no wonder this computer was so tightly protected. Originally, there are many abnormal things inside. He really didn’t mean it. Why did you go and study that Crystal Blood. It caused him to rush over for ten of thousand of miles from China. It’s not excessive for him to recover a bit of his travel expenses. (tl: you call this a bit?)

  Any of these things has a value of several billions US dollars. Of course, even if he returned, this kind of thing can not directly be given to the Chinese government. As for their role, Zhou Jian believed that as he goes higher and higher in the future, they will play a greater value than money.

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