Chapter 096 – Talk

Chapter 096: Talk

Five hours ago, the youth has had a conversation with this employer from China, who wanted him to find an information. He asked for $250,000 dollars, which the other party felt was too expensive. So, the  negotiations did not proceed. Now, it seemed like there’s changes and the other party unexpected agreed.
  ”I want you to check in the United States Bounty Hunter Association and Brazilian Jungle Hunter Association for rank S missions from the last hundred years. One that involved exploring the Amazon forest to look for a metal sphere. The diameter of the sphere would be a few meters. The mission was probably released dozens of years ago. I want to know the specific content of this mission and was there any cover-up after it was completed. I want a detailed description of this mission and the blood crystal’s whereabouts found from this mission. ”
  ”Ok. ” The youth snapped his fingers. “I’m the best at doing these things. Unless the Hunter Association completely removed all data, Otherwise, it will be found. Are there other requests?”
  ”Currently there’s none. ”
  ”Well, pay me a $100,000 deposit first. My account number is *************. You can trust in my reputation. The underground bank will provide you with the money order, and I also have a guarantor. So, please feel assured. ”
  ”Ok. ”
  Zhou Jian hung up from the Skylink. He applied for a new application in the Brazilian Jungle Hunter Association for anonymous Internet banking account and transferred $ 100,000 down payment. This youth was called Nicholas from the United States. He’s a top three bounty hunter in computing. There’s no network that he could not crack into.
  Hacking technology … … Firearms … … These things should really learn a little.
  Meanwhile, Hong Kong Island Hospital principal ward –
  Under the gentle light of the bedside lamp, Wen Ren Hui Yin was peeling an apple. The even and slender fruit peel was coming off little by little. Soon, the fruit bowl was filled.
  Perhaps, because of her childhood problem, Wen Ren Hui Yin had a  perfectionist complex. When she peeled apples, she deliberately cut the peel thinly and consistently. Even if it was very troublesome, she carefully let the peels looped in one pile after another in the fruit bowl. Just like the blooming circle of ripples on the water on a rainy.
  The pale yellow fruit flesh complemented the pair of fair hands. Under the bedside lamp light, the black and silky long hair, Hui Yin’s expression was very tranquil and very earnest.
  Su Lan had slept for a day and a night, and she didn’t look like she would wake up. But the doctor said that she had already passed through the critical period. Yet, because of the possibility of the virus surviving, she would still be quarantined for three days.
  “Hui Yin. “ Wen Ren Ze carried two glasses of fruit juice in. He handed a glass to his younger sister and said: “It’s so late. Why don’t you go back to school?”
  Wen Ren Hui Yin carefully placed the apple on the table. She took the fruit juice and said: “I’d asked before. I heard the doctor said that aunt will wake up at any time tonight. I would like to see her open her eyes. ”
  Wen Ren Ze smiled. “You’ve worked hard these days. ”
  Wen Ren Hui Yin said: “Aunt is just like my biological mother, but … … I didn’t help much. ”
  Wen Ren Ze drank the fruit juice. “That might be so, but without you, the snake gallbladder still wouldn’t be obtained. ”
  “I didn’t obtain the snake gallbladder. It’s from the mission that you issued. ”
  Wen Ren Ze laughed. “Hui Yin, Hui Yin. Are you really don’t understand or just playing a fool. Do you think that Zhou Jian helped so much, this time, was because of me? It’s still because of giving you face. If just because based on both your relationship as a classmate and good friend, do you think other would put out so much effort to get the snake gallbladder?”
  Wen Ren Hui Yin’s heart moved. Her cheeks were slightly red but she didn’t speak. She may not have been in love, but she was very sensitive in matters of the heart because she had too many suitors. Sometimes, she could detect some difference from the eyes. But she had never seen the kind of searing or throbbing in Zhou Jian’s eyes.
  “I’d asked Sun Ji Wei and second uncle had invited Lin Dong. These two masters failed, but even if the two did nothing, we still owe this debt of gratitude. Why is that?Because the others almost lost their life in the Amazon forest. It’s the Amazon. You see that Zhou Jian said that it’s nothing much but he had paid a large price in our back for this.”
  Wen Ren Hui Yin’s eyes jumped. Paid a large price?
  She couldn’t understand how Zhou Jian was able to get an Amazon anaconda gallbladder. Obviously, the explanation that Zhou Jian gave was unbelievable but she still couldn’t figure why after speculating. So, she could only give it up. But once she heard Wen Ren Ze  said this, she had some bad ideas. Did Zhou Jian do something stupid for this snake gallbladder?
  Seeing that Wen Ren Hui Yin looked worried, Wen Ren Ze’s mouth corner slightly turned upwards. It seemed like his sister had a lot of goodwill towards the youngster.
  He didn’t want to show it too obvious that he was matching his younger sister with Zhou Jian. After all, the other party would suspect the motives of doing this,
  But yesterday, he intentionally called them out into the viewing platform to look at the night scene. He discovered that they sat there for half an hour but actually did not display any affectionate meaning in the cold wind. This made him somewhat worried.
  After all, no matter Hui Yin or Zhou Jian. Their encounters in the future would be less and less. If this continued, their relationship would likely to be farther and farther until they just become normal schoolmates.
  And what made Wen Ren Ze regretted the most was that when he first meet with Zhou Jian, he also talked too much “young people should focus on study” such idle talk. This was equaled to reminding Zhou Jian not to have any fantasy regarding his younger sister.
  If Zhou Jian originally didn’t put much emphasis on Wen Ren Hui Yin, then when he said such a thing, they would probably be more estranged. After all, a genius with a background of the ancient Wu aristocratic family would probably have an arrogant mindset. Furthermore, based on the other’s abilities, he wouldn’t be unable to find a girl equally as good as Hui Yin as a companion.
  Wen Ren Ze wouldn’t stop at anything for benefits and would resort to all means. His ambition wasn’t actually small. As long as the situation didn’t violate morals and didn’t run against his sister’s wishes, he didn’t mind using some underhanded small tricks to realize his own goals. For example, using this psychological suggestion to subtly influence his sister to go to Zhou Jian.
  Wen Ren Ze really valued Zhou Jian as an ally now. This time and the 21st century are different. At that time, the rich were the masters but after the catastrophe, even if they were rich, they must also have enough strength, China’s ancient Wu aristocratic families, Japan’s  Yamaguchi-Gumi, Italy’s mafia, the Bounty Hunter Association are cases of national level strength.
  Although the Wen Ren family has continued for 150 years, but it started as a family business. Therefore, the foundation in military force was too shallow. Although the family intended to cultivate martial arts now but there’s no accumulation of this arts and it’s difficult to start. The highest level of practice that the Wen Ren family could put out was just parallel to the level of a basic disciple in the ancient Wu aristocratic families.


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