Chapter 102 – Impenetrable Military Laboratory (Part 2)

Chapter 102: Impenetrable Military Laboratory (Part 2)

  ”The door is made of ten centimeters thick steel alloy. You know, even the average person cannot open a ten centimeters thick wood door. So, it’s impossible if you want to break the door down. Of course, it’s another matter if you can get a bomb.”

  ”You need to swipe the card again to enter the door, as well as fingerprints and retina scan to go to the third door. This door is five centimeters thick and needed a 12 digit password and voice verification. Once the wrong password was entered three times, the lab alarm will automatically sound.”

  ”There’s no more than five who have access to the underground central chamber in the lab. Everyone’s door cards are not the same. After they swipe their card to enter the basement, the ground pressure sensor will verify their weight. If the error is more than 5%, the alarm system will be triggered.”

  ”If they swiped the card at the door but didn’t enter the central chamber within three minutes, it will also trigger an alarm.”

  ”If nobody swiped their card but the central chamber’s computer was started for no reason, or that there’s more than one person in the chamber, not only will it trigger the alarm. It will also trigger the automatic defense system of the central chamber.”

  When Zhou Jian heard this, he interrupted Nicholas. “Wait, I have something to ask. How does central compartment discover if a person was inside for no valid reason? Cameras? “

  ”No, the central chamber is the only place in the entire military laboratory where there’s no camera because it involves a lot of secrets. As I just said, there are no more than five people who have permission to enter. And those five people are bigwigs. You cannot expect them to be looking at the camera every day. So. the underground central chamber has no camera. In fact, if there’s only one camera, then it’s still easy to settle. Just replace the image shown after some online hacking. But if you want to replace the images shown on hundreds of cameras at the same time, it certainly will be found out.”

  ”The central chamber use the pressure sensor and infrared sensor to discover intruder. The entrance is covered with lines of infrared laser. Bump into one and you will immediately trigger the alarm. And in the center of the room, there is a passive infrared detector. You will certainly know that heat source will release infrared radiation. Once your released infrared signature was captured, the alarm will immediately sound. Unless, only if you are cold-blooded.”

  ”But after swiping the card, the alarm system will automatically shut down, until that person requested the permission to leave. Only then will the alarm system be turned on again.”

  ”That is unless you entered the central chamber together with with the one authorized, you will trigger the alarm. And if you stunned the authorized person, you cannot get out because the 12 digit password to enter is different from the 12 digit password to exit.”

  ”In addition, the safe in the central chamber is connected to the main computer. If you want to open the safe, you need to decipher the main computer passwords. But without the most advanced digital decoder and smart brain (tl: can’t think of an equivalent, computer?), even I am unable to crack it in a short time. And the main computer is disconnected from the network, do you expect me to carry a 50 kg digital decoder and smart brain into the central chamber? “

  Nicholas finished everything in one breath. In a nutshell, it’s impossible.

  Zhou Jian analyzed the information given by Nicholas. It’s really tricky. His skill was helpless to unlock the electronic locks, fingerprint locks, voice-activated locks, retina scan locks and other high-tech locks.

  And Ghost Killer avatar also released body heat. It’s unlikely to avoid the infrared detectors.

  He asked: “As far as you know, was there someone who managed to break into the underground central chamber of the military lab to steal a secret?”

  Nicholas nervously laughed. “Are you kidding me?You still don’t understand after I had said so much?”

  Zhou Jian said: “So, if we succeed, then we will go down in history?”

  ”Haha, you can engrave it on your tombstone, but also add in another word there – fool.”

  ”It’s possible.” Zhou Jian smiled a little. “Is there a vent in the underground chamber?”

  ”Of course there are. If it’s a fully enclosed basement without vents, it could easily lead the people inside to die of suffocation. But I’ll advise you not to have any ideas of going through the vents. Although there are 12 vents opening connecting the central chamber, but each of them is only slightly thicker than your wrist that you will barely be able to reach out off. Yet, the vents are tens of meters long and winding. So, you can consider this only if you have long hands.”

  ”You do not have to worry about this. Are there infrared alarm within the vents?”

  ”Please, what you’re asking doesn’t make sense?”

  ”I only asking you if there’s infrared alarm.”

  ”No.” Nicholas was impatient. He felt the conversation was entirely a waste of time.

  ”I’ll ask you. If I can successfully sneak into the underground central chamber and then can I maybe place a wireless network connection device there to allow you to remotely control the main computer to open the safe?”

  ”No way!” Nicholas flatly refused, “You cannot sneak into the underground central chamber. And even if you managed to go in, the wall of the underground central chamber is made of an alloy that shields all radio signals. How was it possible to depend on the wireless signal to connect to the network?”

  ”Oh? So if I can connect the line, then you can control it? “

  ”Ha ha …… you. This joke is too cold. If you pull a one hundred meters long cable in, are the people there so blind that they cannot see it?”

  ”I understand. I’ll go to the United States tomorrow. You know. In this world, nothing is impossible.”

  ”You’re really crazy.”

  ”Cooperate with a madman and you will continue to better yourself.”

  Hanging up the phone, Zhou Jian put on the game helmet and connected to “Gods and Demons”. He then locates the city’s beautician NPC and chose to change his appearance.

  If the players in “Gods and Demons” wanted to change their appearance, there’s a way that’s permanent. It’s ridiculously expensive and required 1 million gold and a Transformation Dan. One million gold is already an exaggerated amount and Transformation Dan is very rare. But fortunately, no one would use such things. After all, even the rich are not that idle enough to use their own 10000 just to change the appearance. So, before this, Zhou Jian had spent a lot of effort to get two Transformation Dans.

  The reason why there’s such a difficulty setting, the final analysis was because the “Gods and Demons” didn’t want the players to change their appearance even if there is no benefit, which is obviously not the government’s style. Perhaps this was a provision from “Myth”.

  Half a minute later, Zhou Jian  had modified his appearance as he wished. After exiting the “Gods and Demons” and changed into his Ghost Killer avatar, he took a look in the mirror. In front of the mirror was a withered youth appearance of youth. No one would link the person in the mirror to Zhou Jian.

  He took a hotel’s memo pad and soap. He pressed his fingers against the soap and then onto the pad to get his fingerprints. Then, he exited Ghost Killer and tried the same with his body. He then compared the two fingerprints. Unfortunately, they are both the same. It looked like he needed to wear gloves….

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